Sunday, March 19, 2006

What is the latest I've done?

Well I entered this one Golden Stiletto contest for the fun of it. Its a little late because it began way back at the beginning of the month. What the hey, I figured I would join it. I did the mini-scene that went through email. I'm now working on the part that'll go into a file. Its got a working title called AquaTerra *shrugs* Dunno why I chose that. Guess it fits the subject matter. Though I'll likely change it later on.

What else have i done? Hmmm, not sure what I can put in, other than that I've been working on other novels/novellas in progress. I stopped them simply because this one yanked at my head. Then again I've still got others that I haven't even begun putting into file documents on the computer. Major slacker, one might say. However at least I understand why I'm doing this. *faint grin* Well this is just a late night post done out of boredom. I've hit a wall, a temporary one, but a wall none the less.


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