Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Goofy Contest Going On!

Hey all!

Ever wanted to have an experience of reading really bad cliches written by authors who were challenged to deliberately add them in along with gratuitous sex?

Well in eXtasyChatters's Link you all can read exactly what challenged writers, inspired by a great editor Stefani Kelsey. She is an inspiration to all of us writers over at eXtasy no matter what happens. The contest is close to finishing, its at Chapter Ten now. However there is still time to join the group and see if you all can win prizes.

Here's what is officially posted in eXtasy Chatters regarding the Clicherotica Contest:

Once Again: Book Chapter Contest and Introduction

Just a refresher for those coming in late. Also, since I slacked off last night, you get two chapters today instead of just one!Welcome to our Chapter Contest. I'd like to introduce you to a crazy bit of literature known as Clicherotica: The Adventures of the Vampire Bowling League.

What would possess this group of talented and intelligent authors to write something like that?

Their editor-in-chief.

Allow me to explain.

One night, on way too much sugar and caffeine and way too little sleep, a certain EEE had a brainstorm: Since normally one tries to write the BEST they can, what if you challenged those talented folk to write the WORST they can?

So she challenged them to a game of Chapter Tag. The rules were:

1. Each author wrote a single chapter, around two thousand words, then passed it on to the next author in line. The storyline was chosen by the author who started.

2. The authors were required to keep the action and characters consistent with the previous chapters and produce credible writing.

3. Now here's the clincher. Excluding writing issues, it needed to be bad. Cliches abounding. Purple prose appreciated. As many goofy plot points as could be squeezed in. Gratuitous sex scenes. As terrible as they could possibly make it.

Thus, Clicherotica was born. If it entertains, there may be more volumes, unless the authors lynch the EEE first.

So sit back and enjoy, chapter by chapter, when good authors go bad. Each chapter will have the author's name in anagram form for you to puzzle out. Don't forget to send your guesses on each chapter's author to to be entered for a lovely prize basket of goodies. The more chapters you guess right, the more chances to win.

Good luck!

Hope that you all decide to take a chance and join the chatters group. You'll find plenty of authors hanging out there posting up interesting excerpts and tantalizing hints about upcoming books as well.