Sunday, March 19, 2006

What is the latest I've done?

Well I entered this one Golden Stiletto contest for the fun of it. Its a little late because it began way back at the beginning of the month. What the hey, I figured I would join it. I did the mini-scene that went through email. I'm now working on the part that'll go into a file. Its got a working title called AquaTerra *shrugs* Dunno why I chose that. Guess it fits the subject matter. Though I'll likely change it later on.

What else have i done? Hmmm, not sure what I can put in, other than that I've been working on other novels/novellas in progress. I stopped them simply because this one yanked at my head. Then again I've still got others that I haven't even begun putting into file documents on the computer. Major slacker, one might say. However at least I understand why I'm doing this. *faint grin* Well this is just a late night post done out of boredom. I've hit a wall, a temporary one, but a wall none the less.
Well, today had an iffy beginning but ironically they go better when that happens. When it starts off spectacular it usually ends in disaster. Oh wow, I rhymed. *Rolling eyes* I guess I shouldn't even be up at this hour. No telling what I might maunder on about. *sigh* Ah the life of an insomniac writer. *grin* Whelp, done for this time. I hope to update later on, when I can add links to the site and sooner or later have a website up and running. Not to mention getting my own computer. Eesh the time! Its a quarter to four in the morning. Going to head for bed and enjoy the quiet while it lasts. Never know if some road or building nearby will be sandblasted or have some other noisy equipment running at odd hours to wake up really grouchy to.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Hello Folks,

This is the first post that I am doing for this blog until I get used to it. Have a nice day.